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Data backup & the cost of losing it all

When it comes to vital information, it’s important for your business to make sure your data is taken care of. In this week’s newsletter, we will go over the benefits of data backup as well as the steps you can take to ensure that if a total loss occurred, you will be prepared.

Data Worth

How much is your data worth?

Really take a moment to let this sink in. If you’re a local medical/law office, than this should be a no-brainer. Client information is at its core is something no one can put a value on, but a lawsuit can. Sadly disaster waits for no one and can strike at any time and in any form. Regardless of the type of disaster that may happen to your business, you as a company may very well experience one.

Data Backup

The benefits to data backup

Higher Reliability: One of the biggest benefits to remote data backup is its great reliability. This is something that can be updated as well as automated on a daily basis. With remote backup being something done over the internet, you will always be able to recover any files you need quickly.

Saves Money: When you manually backup your data, just think of all the equipment you need. If your company operates in an industry in which backups are mandatory, remote backup will be a cost-effective solution for your business.

Safeguard Against Failed Hard Drive: Hard drive failure reasons can be varied, additionally, not all hard drives crash instantaneously. Some hard drives erode over a long period of time. Imagine not having a solution to back all of this valuable information up.

Quick File Access: One of the best things about backing up data is the ease at which you are able to retrieve your files. When your data is backed up, you can access specific files in seconds. Another huge benefit to this is the option of having cloud storage, where you and your employees are able to access data from any location with an internet connection.

Zero Performance Impact: A reliable backup solution doesn’t affect device performance. Most of the time, you and your coworkers don’t even realize that all of their important files are being backed up effortlessly and continuously as they work.

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At Rappahannock IT we take pride in understanding your business needs when it comes to data backup and best practices to help safeguard your assets. Let us know how data backup can be the first, of many steps to protect your business.

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