Back to Basics: 2-Factor Authentication

So… why aren't passwords good enough?


Let’s go ahead and consider why it’s important to do everything you can about online security. Malicious attacks against individuals as well as governments and companies are more and more common.

With so much of our lives happening on mobile devices, it’s no wonder we have all become more susceptible to cyber attacks. This week’s article will go over simple day-to-day changes you can make in the work space to ensure you are secure.



Historically, passwords aren’t a great solution to keeping your login info safe. Most of us have lousy memories, so we tend to create passwords that are simple to us, but also simple to cyber criminals. “Password123” for example, is something I think we can all agree on.

What steps can you take? Great question – the answer is 2-factor authentication! By enabling a second login method, you have reduced your chances of having your information stolen. 2-factor authentication can be something as simple as logging into your bank account with a username and password, then using a 4 digit PIN to finish up the login process. Simple right?

When should I use this?

Use 2 factor authentication whenever possible! While most organizations today require you have a form of Multi-factor authentication in place, a lot of businesses still have it as something optional. Don’t make this an optional decision, make it mandatory.

Stopping all unauthorized activity, in a perfect world is not a realistic goal, but simple changes can massively reduce the chance that you become a victim.

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